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It starts with focus, and ends with digital engagement. When it comes to running your business it is essential that you focus on customers and growth, not the grind of evolving technology, daily delivery, and technology risk management. UFS provides the tools that empower strategies and deliver high availability, wrapped in support, best practice consulting, and regulatory compliance. But efficient operations is not adequate to drive business results; you need customer facing solutions that drive engagement, and provide value to retail and business relationships. UFS not only delivers best of breed solutions, customized to your needs, but ensures that your environment is meeting changing customer expectations. The end result is that you focus on being a banker.

At the Core of IT

While we confidently deliver best of breed software, with industry leading uptime, in a bank exclusive, regulated data center, we fundamentally believe it’s really not about the software. We wrap experienced bankers around the solution so you can leverage our expertise and the shared knowledge of our growing community. The result is empowered employees who successfully deliver for your customers. UFS provides the freedom and technical expertise to allow you to innovate and deliver on your unique strategies. We wrap passionate people, community, and purpose built technology around our core: a mission of Empowering Community Banks and our People to Thrive – Together.

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Our Community of Banks built a new, regulated, SOC1/SOC2 top tier data center designed around your unique needs. We collaborate with the FFIEC: FDIC, Federal Reserve, OCC, and your state regulators to ensure that IT is managed in a way that increases security and simplifies compliance. Come and visit!

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