Conversion Engine

No matter the platform UFS works together with your bank to ensure that when you go through a Conversion it is an efficient, transparent and painless process that leaves your bank feeling empowered.

Conversions are different at UFS, we break down the process into several parts for full efficiency and clarity:

  • Kickoff
  • Mapping
  • Testing
  • Review
  • Validation

UFS Offers a Better Option

  • UFS walks you through the process step by step after putting together a conversion team at your bank as a key contact.
  • UFS take notes on the products you have and your current process then formulate a project plan that we meet on every week and talk through the process and step you through the phases of every project
  • From Loans to the CEO UFS incorporates every member at the bank in the process
  • With regular scheduled meetings there is always the opportunity to talk through and to the Team at UFS with any questions.
Systems are regularly optimized automatically so issues don’t occur; they’re prevented with ongoing “checks” and resolved immediately
Proactive identification of equipment nearing the end of its lifecycle means no downtime due to failed or outdated equipment
Automatic alerts when computers have issues keep equipment and employees working at peak performance
Cloud computing and instant offsite data recovery means no time or effort searching for “lost” files
Available tools and solutions enhance productivity and streamline processes

Recommended UFS Best Practices

  • Double check and reinforce the systems are working properly and doing the things they are set out to do, you find out a lot of those things during the mapping process.
  • Mindset, UFS knows that a conversion is not always seen as a exciting thing but you have to keep in mind that the reasons why you are going through a conversion whether it be because you want better service or more flexibility for your bank, it is important to remember and recall why your bank are engaging in this process.

Let’s collaborate together to help your bank thrive!

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