Backup, Recovery, & Disaster Recovery

Whether the disaster is a lost personal file, or a bank-wide catastrophe, UFS has community banks covered in a way that is efficient and regulatory reviewed so you are confident in your plan.

Traditionally, banks have addressed disasters in a way that had potential weaknesses:

  • The solution required expensive capital investment in unproductive contingency hardware.
  • The solution relied on an individual to perform a manual process.
  • The solution was difficult and time consuming to test and certify for regulator and management confidence.
  • The solution required the expedited delivery or purchase of new hardware after the disaster.

UFS Offers a Better Option

UFS provides an innovative solution that leverages the UFS SecureCloud, a (definition of secure cloud) and virtual firewall products to regularly replicate your environment for easy, portal driven recovery of individual files, and at the same time store an encrypted copy in the UFS SOC2 tier three, regulated data center. With UFS, your contingency is always live, available in the UFS SecureCloud, and easily tested to create confidence.

The monthly subscription is affordable, avoids upfront capital outlays, and has no surprises. Build confidence in your plan with UFS.


Systems are regularly optimized automatically so issues don’t occur; they’re prevented with ongoing “checks” and resolved immediately
Proactive identification of equipment nearing the end of its lifecycle means no downtime due to failed or outdated equipment
Automatic alerts when computers have issues keep equipment and employees working at peak performance
Cloud computing and instant offsite data recovery means no time or effort searching for “lost” files
Available tools and solutions enhance productivity and streamline processes

How UFS Disaster Recovery Work?

UFS will automate intraday back-ups of your servers to a UFS owned device at your site for easy file recovery. In addition, our systems will ensure an encrypted, deduped, compressed copy is retained in our data center using SureConnect. The data is always available in our SecureCloud environment for use in the minor inconvenience of a server failure, or in a declared disaster that makes your facility inaccessible. Data recovery and accessibility all happens without manual effort or worry on your part, letting you focus on your people and business continuity plans.

A recovered operational environment remains available for as long as you need it. You may just find that operating the bank in the UFS SecureCloud, without on-site owned technology is a better permanent model.

UFS offers simple and documented testing options, or custom designed testing that fits your environment and Business Continuity Plan.

UFS makes technology system recovery easy, wrapped in regulatory compliance.


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