UFS was founded by community banks for community banks, and our charter requires us to be owned by community bank customers. That unique perspective keeps us aligned as we provide purpose-built solutions to ensure community banks thrive. For most of our history, we grew though referral to supporting nearly 30% of our Wisconsin home state banks, and are now sharing our community with banks from Nebraska and Arkansas, to Minnesota and Illinois. Our customers look to us to provide reliable, accurate, and best of breed technology solutions that help them thrive. People are the heartbeat of our company, we’ve had minimal voluntary turnover in recent years, and we attract passionate people to our mission driven vocations. Our core support team has an average of 13 years of banking experience before joining the UFS team. Bankers serving bankers with passion. Does your technology partner do that?


Wrapped around our mission are certain principles that guide how we interact with each stakeholder, set our objectives, and measure success:



Stacy Pritzl

Stacy has owned the customer experience at UFS for nearly two decades, after running operations at a community bank.  She understands the partnership banks need with their technology providers.

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Mike Tenpas

Mike has focused his tenure as CEO on enhancing the culture of UFS to be a purpose-driven organization. That culture is built on integrity: what you say and do is the same.

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Eric Fahrendorf

Eric manages the UFS technology environment with a focus on automated repeatable process, availability, and change management.  He is passionate about efficiencies in a quickly growing environment.

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Steward Leadership

Chris Soyke
Chris has spent his career at the intersection of banking, technology and sales, and manages marketing and business development.  That intersection is only fruitful when a bank’s interest are the priority.

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Team UFS

Team UFS can help Community Bankers Thrive-Together when there is harmony between personal needs and the various customers’ requirements to Thrive.

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Mike Venaccio

Mike manages our division focused on the IT Management and Cybersecurity needs of banks.  When employees and customers are empowered, we Thrive –Together.

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Our history begins nearly 30 years ago with three banks that saw promise in a community of shared technology and expertise that allowed them to control their destiny. That shared focus resulted in a unique community, with a focus on innovating to address banks changing needs. With collaborative leadership, our data center was the first in the US to be fully check 21 enabled, our customers rolled out mobile banking at 10 times the industry average, we engage directly in helping community banks compete against the largest banks for cash management services, and we are a singularly rare bank exclusive cloud service provider. Are you a candidate to be part of the UFS story?

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Are you interested in a vocation where you have a larger purpose in supporting the great work of community banks? We are looking for passionate people who bring great talents to our mission, enjoy a collaborative environment, and the rewards of having a work life in harmony with your individual purpose.

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